Wednesday, 15 August 2012

My cat

My cat is very lazy, she sneaks into my bedroom while it's still cold and can sleep in there for 6 hours without anything to drink or eat. I let her in there because I love my cat. Lazy cat loves to lay down on the marble floor, the hard wood floor, the marble dining chair, the wood coffee table, and a pot with a plant in it.
My cat loves milk, sometimes she makes a sound that sounds very similar to the word "Milk". I'm a sucker for lazy cat. Sometimes, I try and reason with her and explain to her that she's already had a little dish of milk today, but no, she seduces me with her little cat body and I have to oblige to her every whim.

Tonight, I was regularly raiding the fridge, when I felt a familiar furry tail brush on my calf. "Cat, you can not get any milk tonight." She looked at me with her pitiful yellow eyes, "Why are you doing this to me, Human?" she meows. I look down at her and close the refrigerator door and walk to my room. Cat trots behind my feet expecting a pass to enter my sub-zero temperature room. "Cat, no" I say, and she stops. I close my door and I lay in bed. Three minutes later, I hear a noticeable crash and her meows for help, I want to make sure that she's okay as her meows got louder.

Frantic, I opened my door. I see cat sitting in front of my door, with a very pleased look on her face. Embarrassed, I went to the fridge and got her some milk.

I am my cat's bitch.

Thanks for reading!


  1. DA BEARS! Anyone who owns a cat doesn't really own a cat, it's the other way 'round. They own us. I've put Skippy on a diet, and it's just so hard to refrain for feeding him as I normally would whenever he cries and cuddles me. So far he's lost a bit. Plus I'm exercising him with my handy dandy laser pointer. Did you know, most cats are lactose intolerant? Haha

    1. I HAD NO IDEA CATS ARE LACTOSE INTOLERANT! woah! I think my kitty enjoys it, because she begs and begs for it. Aw little Skippy, I hope he's doing okay.