Sunday, 29 July 2012

How to create a workout routine that works for you!

In my apartment, there's a tiny gym for all the residents. It's not great, but it'll do. Women, before I get this ball rolling, I need to set something straight with you.

This is what you think will happen to you when you lift weights:

Trust me, she's heavily medicated on steroids. 
Believe it or not, below is what you'll actually look like. 

You can tell by her muscles that she works out hard, and not only that, she lifts heavy too. Don't be afraid of lifting heavy weights! Your body won't turn out like the woman in the first picture because a woman's body does not have enough testosterone to have bulging muscles like men. Lift heavy weights! That's the only way your body will turn out like the woman in the second picture. 10 pounds, minimum. Right now, I'm not strong enough to lift more than 15 pounds in dumbbells. Lift as heavy as you can without injuring yourself! Trust me, you'll achieve your desired body MUCH faster! Scout's honor. 

So, with a combination of cardio and weight lifting, I created a workout routine that keeps me focused on two or three muscle groups every day. This is designed for 5 days a week, with 1 all cardio day and 1 rest day. 

There are some exercises that you can't use weights for, but you are using your body weight which totally counts. This plan keeps me focused, and makes me stay on track because having a small gym makes you want to crank out and do everything on one day, but makes you so sore the next few days and makes you not want to go again. To minimize that, this is a great way to stay focused. I did all of my strength training two to three times, depending on how busy the gym is and how tired I am. One more thing you may be confused about, what is HIIT? HIIT is an acronym for 'High Intensity Interval Training', this type of cardio is great because you do it for maybe 8-15 minutes, you get a couple rests but mostly you work really hard. For example, I do my HIITs on the bicycle and I use the Tabata technique, so I have a 10 second rest and then I sprint for 20 seconds. That's one cycle, then I repeat that 20 times. Typically I have a 5 minute warm up, and then do 20 rounds, and I'm usually done within 15 minutes! 
If you want more information on HIITs, click this link!

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  1. Hahaha it's so true how women think lifting heavy weight will turn them into the she hulk, but you're right. Lifting weights helps, instead of trying to lose all the fat you're turning some of it into muscle. BTW liking the workout plan, saved myself a copy. :)